ESCA Founders

ESCA has twelve individuals recognised as Founders:

1.  Mark Witschi, Swiss citizen

2.  Emma Woodcock, British citizen

3.  Emil Umetaliev, Kyrgyz citizen

4.  David Grant, British citizen

5.  Andrew Lewis, British citizen

6.  Umar Shavurov, Kyrgyz citizen

7.  Tolondu Toichubaev, Kyrgyz citizen

8.  Rysbek Toktogul, Kyrgyz citizen

9.  Jamilya Imankulova, Kyrgyz citizen

10.  Chinara MacDonald, Kyrgyz citizen

11.  Armando Ruano, US citizen

12.  Alex Pichel, German citizen

The Founders have delegated most of their powers under the Charter to the Governing Board but retain the right to elect three members of the Governing Board, a right of veto over decisions of the Governing Board and the right to approve any changes to the school Charter. The right of veto has never been used and is unlikely to be used except in a case where a Governing Board decision contradicts the intentions of the founding Charter or the ESCA vision, mission and commitments.

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