What is the Parents Association? 

What is the Parents Association Management Committee? 

Every parent and guardian of children enrolled at BIS is a member of the Parents’ Association (PA). There are no fees or obligations to join.  We encourage every parent and guardian to attend school events and to be an active member of the BIS community, contributing in time, energy and donations when they are called for.

The Parents Association Management Committee (PAMC) is comprised of a group of dedicated parents that communicate often and meet regularly to plan our bi-annual “All Parents Meeting” and to organize school fundraising events.  We meet quarterly with the Management Board (MB) in order to align objectives.


We work closely with the school management, staff, and parents to continue the ongoing positive development of the school. 

We particularly work towards:

  • Welcoming new families to the school
  • Organizing regular social and fundraising events
  • Discussing issues raised by parents and how to solve them where possible, and
  • Providing feedback and support to the school

PAMC executive and members for the 2017-2018 school year:


Ann-Marie D. Nguyen, Chair

Malathi Selva Raju, Vice Chair

Evie Suryani, Secretary


Adrian Marti

Aika Pardhan Yuyama

Ambreen Azmat Razi

Annie (Qurrat-ul-Ain)

Canan Kiremitci Suucak

Ellen Bumstead

Erika Segizbaeva

Izabela Bonte

Nasima Karim

Natalia Dzhamankulova

Nazira Tursalieva

Zeynep Kobanbay

Sunny Lambert

Parent Class Representatives play key roles within the Parents Association structure also.  They take on the role of being an informal layer of communication between class parents and the teacher, school, or the PAMC to communicate issues – being the first point of contact if a parent has an idea for a special project, wants to coordinate a field trip, or wants to raise any concerns related to their child’s class.  They additionally help to organize informal meetings during the year so that class parents can get to know one another better.


Preschool 1      Ms. Emma Goatman

Preschool 2      Ms. Yiola Panagiota

Preschool 3      Ms. Nazira Tursalieva

Primary 1          Ms. Natalia Dzhamankulova

Primary 2          Ms. Canan Suucak

Primary 3          Ms. Nargiza Sakebaeva

Primary 4A        Ms. Cori Bickel and Mr. Dustin Bickel

Primary 4G       Ms. Gulnara Burhanova

Primary 5          Ms. Iroda Azizova

Primary 6          Ms. Zeynep Kobanbay

Secondary 1     Ms. Cath Terry

Secondary 2     Vacant

Secondary 3     Vacant

IGCSE 1            Ms. Asel Amanova

IGCSE 2            Vacant

DP 1                  Ms. Erika Segizbaeva

DP 2                  Vacant

JOIN US!  COMMUNICATE WITH US!  We always welcome the participation of more parents to make a #BetterBIS.  Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns for the PAMC, please write to parentsassociation@esca.kg.


BIS Parents Association Regulations

Parents Association Regulations

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