"Welcome from the Parents Association of the Bishkek International School.  We're so pleased that you are considering joining the BIS community.  One of the best things about this school is that is so much more than a school.  BIS is a family, built of our fantastic staff, international and local families, and of course the wonderful kids.  It is wonderful to be involved in helping this unique school develop.  

Every parent and guardian of children at BIS is a member of the parents association.  Our regular meetings and events are run by parents working together in the Parents Association Management Committee.  We work closely with the school management and staff, and parents to continue the ongoing positive development of the school.  We particularly work towards welcoming new families to the school, regular social and fundraising events and providing feedback and support to the school.  

Whether you are a parent considering education at BIS, a potential student or staff member you won't regret joining our community.  I hope we see you soon.  

Liz Dugdell


Parents Association Management Committee"

The Parents Association plays a substantive role in the community life of the school. All parents and/or guardians of students in ESCA are included in the Parents Association as part of their agreement when enrolling their child in the school. The Parents Association represents the interests of parents by inter-alia:

(i)  Electing three members of the Governing Board;

(ii)  Meeting with the Management Board to discuss school issues and to nominate representatives for school working groups;

(iii)  Appointing Class Representatives to help parents communicate with each other and the school;

(iv) Organizing social events around the school and providing volunteers to help with school activities.

The Parents Association elects a Parents Association Management Committee (PAMC) to organise its affairs. Regulations of the Parents Association are available to download from the school website.

PAMC members

(as of October 2016)

Izabela Bonte (Chair)

Malathi Selva Raju (Vice-Chair)

Nasima Karim (Secretary)

Jill Seaton

Ellen Young

Elvira Marquering  

Ambreen Azmat

Goulnara Assanova

Aika Pardhan Yuyama

Aigul Kubegenova

Olga Fedorova

Katja Aegerter

Class Representatives

Preschool 1  Malathi Selva Raju      
Preschool 2
Katja Aegerter
Preschool 3
Mirgul Jumaeva
Primary 1Aika Pardhan Yuyama
Primary 2
Saadat Djanbaeva
Primary 3
Elmira Bairamova
Primary 4
Indira Mukambetova
Primary 5

Aigul Kubegenova and Olga Fedorova

Primary 6
Secondary 1Marina Tereshchenko
Secondary 2
Secondary 3
Lynn Margaret Alleva
IGCSE 1Vacant
IGCSE 2Ambreen Azmat
DP 1Goulnara Assanova

BIS Parents Association Regulations

Parents Association Regulations

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