ABOUT USSTAFF TEAM — Administration
Mirzat Osmonova, Head of Administration
Ms Mirzat graduated from the Kyrgyz National University with a Degree in English Linguistics and Intercultural communications. She joined BIS in 2012 and has worked in various roles before her appointment as Head of Administration in 2017. As Head of Administration, Ms Mirzat has broad responsibility for BIS facilities and operational systems.
Aida Tokhtaeva, Admissions Officer
Ms Aida graduated from International University of Kyrgyzstan, where she studied translation and translation studies. Prior to joining BIS in summer 2017 as Admissions Officer, she had experience working in international institutions. Ms Aida speaks Russian, Kyrgyz, English and Turkish languages
Symbat Berdimamatova, Policies and Records Administrator
Ms Symbat graduated from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University where she studied International Relations. Ms Symbat is the Policies and Records Administrator at BIS and her position covers administration of all school policies and student records, management of class schedules, staff duty roster and administration of Cambridge IGCSE examinations. Ms Symbat joined BIS in 2016.
Ermek Alybekova, Accountant
Ms Ermek graduated from Bishkek Academy of Finance and Economics where she studied accounting, analysis and audit. She worked in accounting roles in major companies in Bishkek before joining BIS in early 2015.
Burmakan Birnazarova, Account Assistant/Cashier
Ms Burmakan studied in the Academy of Management under the President of Kyrgyz Republic and completed her first degree at the International University of Kyrgyzstan, as well as a second degree from the Computer System Institute in Skokie, Illinois, USA. She worked for My Tax Place as Accounts assistant in Chicago, IL, USA before joining BIS in January 2018.
Makhabat Duishonbek kyzy, Inventory Accountant
Ms Makhabat graduated from the Kyrgyz National University where she studied Engineering. Her second degree is in Economics from Naryn State University. She had experience working in accounting roles in several private companies in Kyrgyzstan, before joining BIS in summer 2018.
Nargiza Kakelova, HR/Lawyer
Ms Nargiza graduated from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University with a Master in Law in 2000. She is an experienced lawyer, including 10 years of work in the Investigative Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic and 6 years as Head specialist on Legal Issues and HR in the State Tax service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. Before joining BIS in 2016, she worked for the U.S. Embassy in Bishkek after getting her second Masters degree in Business Administration in South Korea.
Aigerim Tilekeeva, Administrative Assistant
Ms Aigerim has a Bachelor degree in International Law with Honours from the Kyrgyz State Law Academy. Ms Aigerim has administrative experience in international organizations. Her role in BIS includes working with parents, students, staff and bus drivers to organize the School Bus Service, as well as issuing Car Passes for those arriving at school by car. Ms Aigerim has worked at BIS since summer 2017.
Asel Turusbaeva, School Doctor
Dr Asel is a graduate of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy and Kyrgyz National University, where she studied and gained practical experience for 10 years, before graduating with a postgraduate medical degree. Before joining BIS, Dr Asel worked as a pediatrician in Family Medical Center No. 6, and has previous experience as an emergency doctor with the ambulance service. She joined BIS in 2015.
Nazgul Azimova, Receptionist/Administration Assistant
Ms Nazgul joined BIS in summer 2018. She has a Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking from the International Ata-Turk AlaToo University. Her previous experience includes working in Good Neighbors NGO.


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