ABOUT USSTAFF TEAM — Preschool Team 2017-18
CARMEN PRINSLOO, Preschool Coordinator and Preschool 3 Homeroom Teacher
Ms Carmen graduated from the North West University of South Africa with a BA of Education in Foundation Phase learning, and is a certified teacher at the South African Council of Educators accredited to teach Foundation Phase. Ms Carmen has worked in international preschools in both South Africa and South Korea for the last 4 years prior to joining BIS in summer 2017.
OKSANA RUSANOVA, Preschool 3 Teacher Assistant
Ms Oksana studied the theory and practice of intercultural communication at the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and has a bachelor degree in Linguistics. Prior to joining BIS in 2016 she had experience teaching English to children. Ms Oksana enjoys working with children and believes that not only children learn from their teachers but that teachers also learn new things from children every day.
KYZJIBEK TEKENOVA, Preschool 3 Teacher Assistant
Ms Kyzjibek graduated from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and has a Diploma in Theory and Practice of Translation. Before joining BIS in summer 2017 she taught English.
GOULNARA ASSANOVA, Preschool 2 Homeroom Teacher
Ms Goulnara has a Master Degree in History and Social Studies from St. Petersburg University, Russia and the equivalency of Master Degree from George Mason University, USA. She studied Early Childhood Development at Northern Virginia Community College and has completed training and certification in Early Childhood Education. She is Specialist of Child Development and has worked with children for more than 16 years in both the USA and Kyrgyz Republic. Ms Goulnara is also trained in Mental Health and Special Education. She believes that every child is special and has a gift, and that we, as caregivers, should give children the opportunity to discover themselves.
BEGIMAI KENESHBEKOVA, Preschool 2 Teacher Assistant
Ms Begimai joined BIS in June 2016 as a Preschool Teacher Assistant. She graduated from the Bishkek Humanities University and worked as an English teacher in №69 Secondary school and Secondary school named Jekshen Aitikeev before joining our school. Ms Begimai very much enjoys working with children at BIS.
ELVIRA TONUEVA, Preschool 2 Teacher Assistant
Ms Elvira studied Linguistics and New Computer Technologies at Bishkek Humanities University. Before joining BIS in summer 2017 she studied at Kingsborough Community College in New York.
MEERIM KANATOVA, Preschool 1 Homeroom Teacher
Ms Meerim has a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University in Bishkek. Before joining BIS in March 2015, she worked for AIESEC finding exchange participants, conducting interviews, and finding accommodation and hosts. She enjoys being actively involved with children learning and development as a teacher as well as working within the community. Ms Meerim became a Homeroom Teacher in summer 2016 and has proven to be an outstanding teacher in working with young children.
KULKAIYR JUNUSHEVA, Preschool 1 Teacher Assistant
Ms Kulkaiyr has many years of experience in childcare and education and is the longest serving member of BIS teaching staff, having joined in 2012 as a Preschool Teacher Assistant. Over the last five years, Ms Kulkaiyr has shown just how well she cares for our youngest students as she communicates so well and enjoys spending time with them.


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