ABOUT USSTAFF TEAM — Specialist Teaching Team
LANCE TILLMAN, Teacher of World Literature, English, History and World Religions
Dr Tillman has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a PhD in Humanities. He has a wealth of teaching experience in the US, from teaching in a Community College through to University level. In 2006 he joined AUCA in Bishkek, teaching undergraduate classes in American Literature, World Religions, Contemporary American Issues, American Popular Culture, Rhetoric of Contemporary America, and English Composition, as well as leading the American Studies Department for two years. Dr Tillman joined BIS in summer 2015 and he has been an inspiration to students in developing their critical thinking and improving English language writing and communication skills.
MARTA INGA BOBIATYNSKA, International Baccalaureate Service Learning and CAS Coordinator
Dr Marta holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in Earth Sciences from the University of Warsaw as well as teaching qualifications from Poland, Netherlands and UK. Marta is also a certified IB school administrator (PYP, MYP, DP) and IB programme coordinator (MYP, DP) and certified IBDP workshop leader. From 2000 to 2014, Dr Marta taught Geography at IB schools in Poland and the Netherlands, where she was also the CAS Coordinator. Dr Marta joined BIS in summer 2015 and was instrumental in achieving accreditation as an IB World School.
BRIAN TOTMAN, Head of Science & Mathematics. Teacher of Science and Biology
Mr Brian has a Master of Arts in Teaching, specializing in Secondary Science from the University of California in the United States and a Bachelor of Science in Biology from California State University, Long Beach. As well as teaching posts in California, Namibia, and the UAE, Mr Brian served as a public educator in marine biology for the Pacific Whale Foundation in Hawaii. Mr Brian joined the BIS team in August 2015. He continuously showcases his commitment to educating and exciting youth about biology and the natural world.
KUNDUZ CHOMONOVA, Science Laboratory Assistant
Ms Kunduz has a Diploma as a Biology Teacher from Jalal-Abad State University and has been a Teacher Assistant at ESCA - BIS since October 2011. She loves working with students and is delighted to now have a specialist role in science to ensure that our laboratory is always fully equipped and safe, as well as being able to work with students during science lessons.
AZAMAT KASYMOV, Mathematics & Economics
Mr Azamat has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) where he also taught undergraduate level mathematics. He is a part-time research assistant and has helped to write several mathematics textbooks for primary through to university level mathematics. Mr Azamat enjoys teaching mathematics at ESCA-BIS with a special focus on our more advanced students. Mr Azamat is also currently completing his PhD in Economics.
TOON CAVENS, Mathematics, TOK and English
Mr Toon is originally from Belgium where he studied Mathematics and Economics. Afterwards he studied Philosophy in Paris and English Literature in London. He is very excited that he will be teaching Mathematics, English and Theory of Knowledge at ESCA - BIS from summer 2016. Mr Toon hopes to instill in his students a life-long passion for learning, and to help them to develop their own ideas. Mr. Toon speaks English, Dutch and French.
THIERRY TABERNA, Computer Science, Design & ICT
Mr Thierry has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from University of Nantes and Master’s Degree in Computing from University of Toulouse. He is also in the process of getting a Degree of Teaching French as a Second Language. He has previously worked as software engineer and software developer in various companies in France. Thierry joined ESCA - BIS in summer 2015 and has been very effective in inspiring a wide range of students to improve their ICT, design and coding skills.
DARREN MCQUAY, Head of English, Teacher of English
Mr Darren is an experienced English language teacher, originally from the UK who is joining the BIS team in August 2016. He has a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons.) in Linguistics from Bangor University and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education from Edge Hill University. Mr Darren is a creative, inventive and passionate teacher of English. He is often praised for innovation in creating engagement in learners and utilizing new technologies in the classroom. Mr. Darren is always looking for new challenges and ways to improve his standard of teaching.
ALISHER ARSTANBEK, Mathematics & Science
Mr Alisher has a Specialist Degree in Engineering from the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University (KRSU) and has teaching and research experience at educational institutions. He is currently completing his PhD in Engineering at the Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University while he works part-time at ESCA - BIS. He enjoys teaching and helping students discover their amazing abilities and talents.
WILLIAM POLAN, Coordinator and Teacher of English as an Additional Language
Mr William attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee for undergraduate studies, then joined the US Peace Corps living and teaching in a rural community in Azerbaijan. Following this, he completed his Masters of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Texas and taught English Language and Literature at an international school in Baku. He joined ESCA-BIS in summer 2015 while also completing the Post Graduate Certification in International Education from Nottingham University, UK. Following a very successful year at ESCA - BIS, William is taking on a new role as the Deputy Head of Education and will also be Coordinator of the English as Additional Language Programme.
MADELINE COHEN, Teacher of English as an Additional Language & Drama
Ms Madeline will join BIS in August 2016. She graduated from Princeton University last spring with a major in Psychology and a minor in Teacher Preparation. Ms Madeline has experience teaching EAL in China, India, and Costa Rica, and ran activities including Singing Club, Literary Magazine, and Speech while at these schools. For extra curricular activities, Ms. Madeline is also a qualified swimming coach and has toured the United States with a college drama troupe.
ELENA KHARCHENKO, Teacher Assistant and Library Support
Ms Elena graduated from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University and joined ESCA - BIS in May 2016 as a Teacher Assistant. Her flexibility and adaptability to a wide range of different situations make her the ideal support Teacher Assistant to cover for all other teachers who might be away for any reason, while also working with Nurjan Sharshenalieva as Library Support. The ESCA - BIS Library will see major developments in 2016/17 as it moves to a new location in the main building in early 2017 to provide a more comprehensive library and media centre and new library software is introduced from summer 2016.
MAKIKO INABA, East Asian Languages Teacher
Ms Makiko has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Waseda University in Japan. Foreign languages and cultures have always been her passion and she has lived in the United States, South Korea, France, China and the Kyrgyz Republic in pursuit of that passion. She has experience tutoring students in Japan ranging from the elementary to high school level, and of teaching at publicly funded educational centers in South Korea. Makiko joined ESCA-BIS in summer 2014 and she is a much loved teacher with exceptional skills in education.
LAILO YOUSSOUP-AKHOUNOVA, French and Russian Language Teacher
Ms Lailo joined ESCA - BIS as a French language tutor in 2016. She has an extensive experience teaching both French and Russian languages, including local universities, the Alliance Francaise and Embassies. She has graduated in 1984 from the Kyrgyz National University. Apart from teaching, Ms. Lailo is a professional translator.
INDIRA BEKKOENOVA, Russian Language Teacher
Ms Indira graduated from Kyrgyz National University, where she studied Russian philology. She has wide experience teaching Russian language and literature to school and university students. She joined the ESCA - BIS team in 2013 and loves the warm and friendly environment. Ms Indira loves children and enjoys teaching them.
PIERRE GRAU, French Language Teacher
Mr Pierre has a degree in French Literature from Amiens University in France. Before his arrival to Bishkek, he worked for four years in a bilingual French-German kindergarten in Berlin and afterwards for one year in an international school in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently he teaches French language at the American University of Central Asia. He is also preparing for a Master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language.
NURJAN SHARSHENALIEVA, IB PYP Teacher – Librarian, and Kyrgyz National Curriculum Coordinator
Ms Nurjan graduated from the English Language Department of the Kyrgyz State University and is an experienced English language teacher. She has taught English as a Foreign Language in local schools and universities, as well as teaching Kyrgyz as a Foreign Language for the Peace Corps in the Kyrgyz Republic. She has also worked as a Foreign Language Assistant in the Department of Central Euro-Asian Studies of the Indiana University, USA. Nurjan joined ESCA-BIS in summer 2014 and is looking forward to her new role in the school as Teacher-Librarian and Coordinator for the Kyrgyz National Curriculum requirements for Kyrgyz citizens.
JASON LORENOWICZ, History, Geography and Global Perspectives
Mr Jay is from Manitoba, Canada and has a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Mr Jay has been teaching overseas for 25 years and comes to ESCA - BIS after teaching in Azerbaijan for the past three years. Mr Jay has spent 15 years in the Gulf States, including Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. He has also taught in Malawi, Maldives and England, among other places. His interests include travel, music, photography and sports. Mr Jay will be teaching Geography, History and Global Perspectives and he is looking forward to joining the BIS team.
ANNA BALDUK, Art Teacher
Ms Anna has studied at Children’s Art School and graduated from the Kyrgyz State Art School in 1991 with a degree in Teaching Art. She has over 20 years’ experience in teaching art to children of various ages and joined ESCA - BIS team in 2013.
Ms Anara has over 10 years of experience in teaching piano to students of different ages and is a certified accompanist for chamber musicians and voice/ballet artists. She has accompanied various artists and performances, and has taught Piano as a Musical Performance Art in Kyrgyzstan and in South Korea. Anara joined ESCA - BIS in winter 2015.
LIDIA CHMIELEWSKA, Art and Design Teacher
Ms Lidia studied painting & murals at Nicolaus Copernicus University and has a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. She has always been determined and happy to teach children and share her knowledge with them. After an amazing teaching experience in a Slovakian forest kindergarten, she decided to get involved with alternative ways of education. Lidia has been teaching at ESCA - BIS since 2015, and is currently completing her additional postgraduate teaching diploma in Poland.
LILIA TOKTAROVA, PE, Sport and Health Education
Ms Lilia has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the American University of Central Asia and later graduated from the Kyrgyz Academy of Physical Culture and Sports Track & Field Department with a Master of Arts in the theory of physical culture & sports. Lilia joined ESCA – BIS as full time PE Teacher in 2013.
LEANNE BOWLER, Inclusive Education Coordinator
Ms Leanne joined the ESCA - BIS team as Inclusive Education Coordinator after moving from United Kingdom where she worked where she worked as a Speech and Language Therapist in schools, preschools, clinics and children's centers in the UK with children with a range of needs including speech, language, social interaction and complex needs. Leanne works with other teachers to develop Individual Education Plans as required and provides teachers with resources to implement these plans.
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VICTORIA WHALL, Teacher of English as an Additional Language
Ms Victoria Whall is from the south coast of the United Kingdom. She has been teaching English as an Additional Language at BIS since September 2016. She has a Bachelor’s of Social Science in Economics and Russian Studies from the University of Birmingham and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism (TV and Radio) from City University in London. She recently gained a CELTA teaching qualification to teach English as a Second Language and has taught English at Dongobesh Secondary School in Tanzania and at British Council language camps in Israel. Before becoming a teacher, Victoria worked as a freelance journalist for the BBC reporting from Mongolia. Victoria is a keen student of languages and speaks Russian, French and English.
Jat Nakhoon is originally from Switzerland. Mr Jat has more than 10 years of experience in handball, three of which he spent playing in a national league team. He also is a thai boxer. His keen interest and passion to sports led to his successful PE training at BIS. Jat speaks French, English and Thai languages.


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