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Djantai Otorbaev, BIS alumnus

I am studying at Mill Hill School in London, but before coming here I was at ESCA in Kyrgyzstan. The kind and warm atmosphere between staff and students at ESCA made my year of preparation for entrance exams at Mill Hill a happy and stress-free experience. At ESCA I did not face any of the typical school problems one would normally encounter, meaning that almost nothing is in the way of a student’s potential academic paths. In addition, the wide range of accessible extracurricular activities always provided me with something new to learn and enjoy in my spare time. Without a doubt ESCA differs from the other schools in Kyrgyzstan. This is partly because it has a very diverse population, as it attracts students from all over the globe, making a comfortable learning environment for both local students who want to go on to study abroad and for foreign students coming to Kyrgyzstan. The dynamic range of nationalities really widened my cultural perspective and enhanced my world insight. With the constant expansion and development of ESCA since I left, I can confidently say that it has dramatically improved over the years. The introduction of Cambridge IGCSEs and the forthcoming International Baccalaureate Diploma mean that each student’s academic possibility is broadened. Students graduating from ESCA now have numerous institutions and universities around the world that they can go to!

Daniil Kim, Graduation Class of 2018

"Had anybody asked me five years ago where I see myself in five years, my predictions would have most likely appeared to be inaccurate. I am now an IB DP alumnus and a first-year student at IE University in Madrid, Spain, studying Business Administration, but at the beginning of 2014, when I was about to start my first day at ESCA-Bishkek International School, it did not even cross my mind what awaited me in the coming years. The IGCSE and then the IB programs allowed me to dive into the yet unfamiliar world of international education. The new skills and the knowledge acquired throughout these years eventually helped me to get a scholarship into the university I dreamed of and, as I now realize after the first semester of my undergraduate studies, prepared me well for the workload of the university. I have to admit, however, that my four-and-a-half-year journey at ESCA-BIS was thorny, especially because our class was the ‘pioneer’ in the educational systems introduced for the first time in our school. Nevertheless, our teachers were always there to help and support us until the very last exam. I do not think that I would have been where I am now if I had not become a part of ESCA-BIS. I will never regret the decision made five years ago to come to this school and I will always be grateful for the benefits and opportunities it gave me. I sincerely hope that our school will continue to grow and provide a top-notch education for years to come"

Regina Zhyldyzbekova, Graduation Class of 2018

"I studied the IB Diploma at BIS from 2016-18. It was the most interesting experience full of new insights, highlights, and support from teachers. I felt the deep difference between BIS and other schools, as here every single student takes responsibility to work hard for their exams, to be part of the community and discuss any topic together collaboratively. The educational system is not lecture-based, there is a full interaction between students and teachers in class. The best part about it is parent’s involvement in their child’s education, which is, unfortunately, not usual in public schools. The one quality I gained and want to mention is acceptance. People in this environment taught me to accept any problem I face in my difficult moments. Here acceptance does not mean resignation or being inactive, but it does mean questioning “This is happening. What I will do now?” There was a time when I faced numerous failures and would feel so depressed about that, but being able to accept it helped me to stay motivated and move on for the next step. Before joining BIS, my Mondays would usually start with “Omg! Today is Monday! I have a History”, but BIS turned Monday oppression upside down to “Yay! Monday! I’ve Computer Science”. This is the transformative school in Kyrgyzstan that focuses on a shared vision with others for a better future. After BIS I won a scholarship to study social entrepreneurship at Watson Institute in the US".

Anton Grier, IB DP student

ESCA is a relatively new school. It was only opened in late 2011. I joined the school later in summer 2012. I have been through all the changes of the school’s character, all the scars and bandages applied to this school’s skin lies on mine as well. After all that I have witnessed a big growth of the school and the education served here. This school has a very cozy feeling because the environment is very friendly. The teachers can be your friends and supporters who will guide you to the best future with your interests. The curriculum served on the menu is very famous and known all over the world, which will determine what your life would be like career wise and academically wise later on in your life novel. One of the most important aspects of life that everyone should have is freedom. Sadly some people don’t get that freedom in places, but in this school you have freedom. As a year 10 IGCSE student, I can choose my future path, if I know that I will not be required to know an aspect of one lesson, I can choose not to take it and focus on my personal more important subjects. When new students come to this region of the world, they have a choice to make to what school they would attend. ESCA is by far the best and most sensible choice. It has better environment than other schools, better teachers and friends, and of course better education system with great opportunities. I myself hope to end IGCSE and move to another country like Thailand for even more experience in life and education, it will increase my chance of getting employed, and you could too!

Malina MacDonald, BIS alumnus

I have been in ESCA for more than 4 years and have enjoyed it since I started. The environment in ESCA is family like and welcoming. In ESCA there is a huge variety of nations, there is no racism, nobody is bullied and you can get a lot of nice friends. I am very lucky because not everyone has the chance to get a great education like this one. I have moved up because of the support the teachers give to every individual student. If I get stuck on anything it is very easy for me to just ask the teacher and they will answer with pleasure. Because the school is small we can know almost every student and teacher personally. It is nice when you know everyone and they know you.

Aikanysh Toktonazarova, BIS alumnus

I have attended ESCA for a short time, but I already know that this is the school I want to attend. The school’s small community is not overwhelming and is easy to adjust to. The students are friendly and the staff is incredible, probably the best staff team I will ever encounter. The atmosphere in the school encourages creativity and academic excellence. Several words cannot describe ESCA. One has to be at ESCA to really feel the dynamic sensation that the school radiates.

Bek Belekov, BIS alumnus

ESCA is a place where students meet new friends, where they meet new teachers and where they are taught. My first impressions of ESCA were my classmates and teachers. When I started, I could hardly understand English and I was usually helped by classmates as they explained things to me. And the teachers are always friendly and cheerful. I like the method of teaching as teachers always explain topics with examples, especially in science where we have a lot of experiments. Prior to joining ESCA I did not like math but Mr Comar opened my eyes and now I love math and it's interesting how I can easily solve math problems. In ESCA I learned a lot and many subjects became my favorites, like Physics, Mathematics, History and Biology. Teachers here are the best teachers for all the years of schooling. They always help and explain new topics with examples. I think that new students must choose ESCA because it is a very good school with the best teachers. I very much like the methods of teaching and I think others will enjoy it too.

Aktan Amanaliev, IB DP student

European School in Central Asia is a wonderful school for kids from all over the world. Here we will accept you kindly. On my first day here, I found a friend who I never met or knew. Everyone who comes here will find a friend on his or her first day. Teachers here are kind. They also have a good sense of humor. They combine the meaning of the word FUN with education that is an effective way of teaching. With that, students learn more quickly. I hope that in future more friends will join us. Come and we will greet you kindly!

Daniyar Egen, BIS alumnus

On my first day at ESCA I was very nervous and there was a reason for that. It was a totally new environment that I didn’t know. Before that I studied in a public school in Russia, where you are expected to totally obey the teacher. Here I saw that teachers communicate to me and to other students as equal. I also liked the fact that when I came to school I realized that the expression “if you make a friend on your first day, everything will be fine” is true. I made a friend on my first day. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere at ESCA, I quickly mastered conversational English. I will repeat myself by saying that ESCA has a very friendly environment. And it’s true. If you are a parent reading this, DON’T WORRY about your child. There has never been aggressive behaviour in this school, and nobody has ever felt like a stranger. Now, living in Russia, I often think of and miss ESCA.


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