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While being within central Bishkek, not far from the Bishkek Humanitarian University on Chyngyz Aitmatov Avenue, the actual school location is in a quiet residential area well away from the traffic fumes and other dangers of major roads. This is a wonderful safe place for children to spend the day, where the only disturbance might be the occasional sound of a cockerel in a neighbour’s garden.

One of the main reasons for choosing this site was the large outdoor play area. We have a full size basketball court and a real grass field for soccer and other games, giving students the space they need to play and enjoy themselves at break times.

Development of the school site has avoided building over play areas, so that our school still has the largest outdoor play area of any international school in Bishkek.

We encourage a culture of constant improvement within our students and within the school as a whole. This is true in all aspects of school life but is most visible in the annual improvements to the physical facilities of the school.

For example, in 2015 we added:

  • A new building with three classrooms and two libraries
  • An extension of the main building for two new classrooms
  • A fully equipped new science laboratory and a new ICT room

And in 2016 we will complete:

  • A new multi-purpose hall of almost 300 m2 for indoor sports and school performances
  • Two new large library/media/ICT resource rooms
  • Two new science laboratories
  • Six new classrooms
  • A new cafe style dining and entrance area

All buildings are designed and constructed for strong earthquake standards, fire safety and student security. Winter heating has back-up options, including a generator for the occasional power outages.

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