Working for ESCA-BIS

ESCA-BIS is situated in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. To many foreigners, this beautiful country remains a hidden gem. Once you experience living and working here, you will understand why Kyrgyzstan is called ‘the Switzerland of Central Asia’. More than 90 percent  of the country consists of mountains, and the second highest alpine lake, Lake Issyk Kul, is just a two hour drive from Bishkek.

With easy access to great nature sites you can explore a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, paragliding and trail running. And not to forget; a number of ski slopes just a 45 minute drive from the capital. Other available sports activities include yoga, pilates, gym, football, tennis, swimming and horse riding.

Bishkek offers a wide selection of restaurants and cafes with both Kyrgyz and international cuisine.  On the weekends, many families choose to enjoy the amusement parks, cinemas and theatres in town. Classical ballets and operas are staged regularly at the national scenes.

For an accompanying partner, there are great opportunities for building a strong local and international network and to explore options for either paid or voluntary work. Many international organisations are working out of Bishkek, and educational institutions at all levels also offer opportunities for full or part time work.

Feel free to contact ESCA-BIS to get in contact with families living in Kyrgyzstan, all willing to offer advise and information on living and working here.

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